An Unusual Alliance

The crew found a list of Project Ascendance facilities, but were also confronted with a bigger problem. In addition to the biggest and most important Project Ascendance facility being on virtually the capital world of the Confederation (the planet known as Grandia), the Absolution crew has found that they have a bounty on their heads each, of 500 plat.

They struck a deal with Chavek and arranged for them to have the Absolution put into storage under the black market mogul’s care. But that posed the problem of them needing a ship. And they knew someone who had a ship. A certain someone who knocked out Areli’s tooth.

A Kathaari by the name of Vod, who you wouldn’t dare call Armon unless you wanted a tooth out, was the person that they struck a deal with. Fortunately the resident Bhakir had previous amiable relations with him, rather than just Axe or Areli trying anything. They met him in a strip club and were quickly accepted into his crew, so that both of them could lay low together. But things were cramped, and bigger jobs were on the horizon with more people. Axe and Vod decided it would be best if they got another ship, and started a little two-craft fleet of their own.

They took a job to take out some renegade hitmen who were on the run from Confederation law in the DMZ, and after Axe got filled with buckshot and Saber took one to the guts, the former crew of the Absolution and Vod successfully took the ship from them, along the way acquiring the bounty (which will likely be sunk into fees associated with re-appropriating the ship) and a very powerful sniper rifle from the hands of the dead Faustian of the crew (as well as some other new guns).

Now, the group has to decide what to do yet again. With two ships, there are more options. They could, of course, just part from Vod and his crew entirely, but the two have traveled together for a week or so, and there are some attachments being formed, especially with Vod bunking (rather noisily) with lady Dwen.


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An Unusual Alliance

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An Unusual Alliance

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