Baldur, or There and Back Again

In this week’s double-header, the Absolution crew entered the mysterious and dangerous Baldur facility. Exploring the top floor met them with clones that were just like Saber. They happened upon a communicator for the facility and met a doctor named Gregory, who was down in Master Control on the second floor.

Evidence found along the way hinted that the Subjects were being imprinted not just with the old videos of methods to kill Kathaari but with methods to kill every other race.

Each encounter was dangerous and tense, each clone obviously trained for this type of killing. But even when outnumbered our heroic crew pulled together and worked together to overcome the odds. Eventually it became clear that the clones were all following one who was deemed “perfect:” Subject 20. Saber, Subject 17, was out for his blood, at the very least.

After an encounter that nearly claimed Lizzie’s life, Saber having saved her with a precise shot to Subject 20, they found that Gregory had been killed, and they left the facility after releasing the security lockdown on the cargo bay airlock. In order to destroy the facility’s contents, Axe hacked the protocols to keep the airlocks open after they exited, destroying everything via vacuum exposure.

The crew left and began digging through the files that they’d absconded with, and eventually found an interesting bit of information. They found that Saber’s clone tissue originated from the famous mercenary Septimus Irvine, the brother of Doctor Octavius Irvine, making Saber more or less Lizzie’s uncle.

Axe contacted Chavek and has made arrangements with him to pawn off the medical supplies they took from the facility.

And now the crew has heard tell of a galactic council forming of each race, and Areli has caught wind of the Kathaari’s emperor falling ill, with no male heir to take his place…



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