Finding Chavek

(Sorry for not posting this, I’d forgotten to)

The group eventually tracked down Chavek, and found that he had not informed anyone of their failure and of opening the box. Feeling repentant, Chavek has turned his considerable resources to getting to the bottom of this and figuring out what it’s all about.

The group did some work to pay the bills, and Areli ended up finding a very interesting person, a Kathaari by the name of Vod, who not only knocked one of the unlucky Kathaari’s teeth out but also accepted their surrender, going off on his own. Areli recognized Vod as a royal heir, which is odd that he was not only wandering the DMZ but also wanted by the Kathaari authorities.

The group eventually decided to head to Baldur, and entered the facility, finding and confiscating a considerable cache of valuable medical supplies with the intent of pawning most of it for profit, since it seems that Axe will never get his five hundred plat.

But not all is right in the Baldur facility, and the team finds themselves locked inside, and have to investigate the facility to figure out how to escape.



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