Oasis Hopping

Saber is something of an enigma still, to the group. He fights well, seems to shoot well, but he has no idea how he knows. In a sparring match with Areli, Saber is able to keep up rather well with the Kathaari, which is impressive considering that Areli has military training like all Kathaari. However, while Saber speak every Terran language, he knows nothing of recent events and history, though he recognizes the names of all the alien races.

The party goes to Oasis 11 to stock up on supplies. They gather more palatable foods, some drugs for Lizzie, and Axe even treats Krogaak, who has emerged from his room to socialize, to some livestock. Dwynewyn actually gets to do some working, makes a decent amount, and spends it on a rather good-quality weapon for Saber.

The group, after restocking and taking some time to decide on what to do, resolve to locate Chavek, who has not been returning calls. They embark for Oasis 18, a scummy little Oasis that is built partially on an asteroid. While rather scummy, the group is fairly intimidating themselves. They reach Chavek’s place without incident.

There, however, there are signs of a struggle and an audio recording that Chavek is going to his ‘secret hiding place.’ Areli decides to raid the kitchen for some nice Kathaari and Terran cigars, and some alcohol. They also find a hidden door with a pistol inside of a case and a ladder leading down to the station’s sewer system, but no sign of Chavek. On the door, they find a message that simply states: “You have something that belongs to me, bring it to Dock 9 before midnight.” The group briefly discusses sending Saber there and washing their hands of the ordeal, but when Saber says “but I like being on the crew” it changes everything. Axe splits the party into two groups: Krogaak, himself, and Saber, who are going to “kick up dust” as they say, and Areli, Lizzie and Dwynewyn, who are going to try to figure out where Chavek went. The latter group had a pretty good success: they find a re-typed and coded rent statement for Cloud 1, after some searching.

But what awaits the first group?

And So It Begins

After meeting the doctor Areli Huarwar and the aspiring Bhakir madame Dwenywyn on Larry’s Last Gas before a radiation storm passed over, Axe Nam-Tru and Lizzie Irvine were given a job by their contact Chavek, who runs legal, questionably legal, and truly illegal dealings all across the galaxy as a ‘finder,’ a person who finds work for freelancers at expense of a cut. He finds Axe a very sweet and oddly easy job: transportation of a package across the DMZ.

Axe picks up the package and receives the coordinates for the dropoff: a planet called Baldur, one that he has never heard of before.

The package is strange in its size and the fact that it is not marked, but 500 platinum Bharsen is his if he can keep the curious from opening the case. Curiosity gets the better of the good doctor, who finds himself unable to open their locked door, but it proves no issue for Dwenywyn, as she springs the lock on the door and on the case while Axe and Lizzie are in the lock-up after a drug sting.

Dwenywyn arranges for Axe and Lizzie’s release and Areli speeds up the process by faking being a Kathaari official who needs them released, using the Treaty to their advantage. Axe and Lizzie are released, but they come home to an unpleasant surprise: their precious meal ticket of a package opening up.

They didn’t expect a person to be inside, and certainly not someone who could lift Axe off the ground. Psychotic, babbling, and disoriented, Subject 17 was given medical attention by the group and a name, courtesy of Dwenywyn: Saber. The group is attempting now to acquaint him with the ways of society and tend to his needs. Axe has sworn to find out who Saber is and where he came from…

But how?

And all the while, Krogaak, Axe’s ‘pet Kraag’ partner, was sulking in his room.

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